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China Custom Industrial Agricultural Automobile Engine Motorcycle Sprocket Conveyor Driving Transmission Timing Roller Chain

Product Description

Welcome to CHOHO Roller Chain…

CHOHO Chain No. P/mm h2/mm h4/mm F/mm     W/mm 
CA550K1 41.4 20.2 12.7 52.5 76.2
CA550-K40 41.4 20.2 12.8 54.0 80.0

Product advantages:

— Ten CoreTechnologies —
1 Chain strengh preload technology 2 Pin CRV treatment technology
3 Plate smoothly punching technology 4 Bush oil hole technology
5 Vacuum Oiled Technology 6 Precision Punching Technology
7 Low frequency fatigue test technology for lange size chain  8 Chain length comparison technology
9 Variation of silence design technology 10 Chain dynamic testingtechnology technologies

Our Advantages:
1. Any inquiry you make will be answered professionally within 6~8 hours.
2. Attaches great importance to product quality and approved by many global quality system certification,such as France, Norway, Germany.
3. Focused on Chain since 1999, have rich experience in Production.
4. High-quality workers,First-class advanced equipment,good quality control,advanced technology.
5. Be Good at Custom-Made Products, provide customized services for customers.
6. Participated in the drafting of 24 national and industrial standards such as chains.As of 2571-Mar, CHOHO has 180 authorized patents.
7. With the responsibility of “Providing high quality chain system with the same service life for the global locomotive industry”, have established a strong R&D team.

# Our factory has 36 years of experience, it is a comprehensive enterprise integrating production and trade.
# We are an efficient team and provide you with professional service and high-quality products.
# Our competitive price can bring maximum benefits to our customers.
# Our company has advanced technology and equipment, scientific management, strict quality control system.

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Chain Drive Industry First A-Share Listed Company
Stock Code: 003033
Abbreviation: CHOHO Industry.

    √ HangZhou CHOHO Industrial Co., LTD is a leading enterprise in the domestic chain transmission industry and the first A-share listed company in the chain transmission industry in China. Chain drive is 1 of the 3 major transmission systems, which is widely used in motorcycles, automobiles, ships, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, lifting and transportation machinery, logistics and storage, escalators, food and drug machinery, light industry machinery, petrochemical industry and other fields.

    √ In 2571, CHOHO already had more than 2,000 dealers worldwide.In the field of automobile engines, we have provided original supporting equipment for more than 10 main engine manufacturers such as Geely, Byd, Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Ford, ZheJiang Isuuzu, GAC Mitsubishi,China FAW,etc.
    √ CHOHO has been adhering to the “technological innovation is the first driving force of CHOHO development” concept of technological innovation, scientific and technological innovation as the core values, continuous investment in research and development, to build a combination of enterprises, experts, domestic and foreign colleges and research institutions and other technical innovation system.  

    √ “With the world’s leading technology, the service of global customers”, the company is willing to join hands with global resources, for a better world tomorrow to contribute their due strength.

== CHOHO Location Distribution ==

== CHOHO Real Workshop Display ==

Packing Details:
advanced package / bulk package / Waterproof bag / PE Bag / Premium cardboard box / Regular cardboard Carton / Neutral Box / Wooden case / Steel Pallets or Customization

We are very close to the HangZhou Port, which saves a lot of logistics costs and transportation time!

We have our own logistics company and transportation department. If you need me to deliver goods to your warehouse or other ports in China, such as ZheJiang Port and ZheJiang Port, we can also do it!

      √ CHOHO has natural brand awareness.  As of Jan. 2571, CHOHO has registered the “CHOHO” trademark in more than 100 countries, including the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Ukraine, Sweden, Australia, Algeria, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Syria, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, etc. 

∞ Driven by quality culture and strategy
∞ Implementation of R&D, procurement, production and marketing Digital Quality Management of the Whole Value Chain Cycle
∞ Quality Synergy of the Whole Industry Chain
∞ Achievement chain system technology leader
After years of quality practice, CHOHO has formed a unique quality culture and a quality management model that strategically achieves global chain system technology leaders in quality management.

   √ CHOHO has been invited to participate in many international exhibitions around the world, including industrial exhibitions, agricultural exhibitions, motorcycle exhibitions, and engine exhibitions, such as Hannover Messe, Bologna Fair, Canton Fair, AMTS, VIV ASIA, CIAME, Motor China, PTC Asia, Frankfurt Auto Parts and other world-famous exhibitions!

== CHOHO  Some High-end Customer ==



1. Are you a Manufacturer or Trade Company?
    -We are a factory focused on producing and exporting Chains for over 36 years and have a professional international trade team.
2. What terms of payment do you usually use?
    -T/T term 30% in advance,70% balance before shipment. Show your products and packaging before shipping.
3. What is your lead time for your goods?
    -Normally 1~45 days depending on order quantity & Spec, Stock can be shipped immediately.
4. Do you attend any Shows?
    -We attend the Hannover Messe, Bologna Fair, Canton Fair, AMTS, VIV ASIA, CIAME, Motor China, PTC Asia, Frankfurt Auto Parts, and other world-famous exhibitions!
5. Do you offer free samples?
   -Yes, we can. or you just bear the shipping cost.
6. Is OEM available?
   -Yes, OEM is available. 
7. What are your major products?
   -Our main products are all kinds of Automobile Chain Systems, Motorcycle Chain Systems, Industrial Chain Systems, Agricultural Chain Systems, Bicycle chain Systems, Saw Chains, and Vessel Chain.



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Standard or Nonstandard: Nonstandard
Application: Textile Machinery, Garment Machinery, Conveyer Equipment, Packaging Machinery, Electric Cars, Motorcycle, Food Machinery, Marine, Mining Equipment, Agricultural Machinery, Car
Surface Treatment: Polishing
US$ 1.99/Meter
1 Meter(Min.Order)


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Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.


What are the benefits of using an overhead conveyor chain system?

Using an overhead conveyor chain system offers several benefits in various industrial applications. Here are some key advantages:

1. Space Optimization:

– Overhead conveyor chain systems utilize the vertical space, allowing efficient utilization of floor space. This is especially beneficial in facilities with limited floor area, as it enables efficient material handling and production flow without obstructing the work area.

2. Flexibility and Versatility:

– Overhead conveyor chains offer flexibility in routing and can be customized to fit the specific layout requirements of the facility. They can traverse different areas, including assembly lines, paint booths, storage areas, and more. The versatility of overhead systems allows for efficient and adaptable material movement.

3. Improved Safety:

– Overhead conveyor chains minimize ground-level obstructions, reducing the risk of tripping hazards and accidents. Operators and workers can safely navigate the work area without interference from the conveyor system.

4. Product Protection:

– Overhead conveyor chains provide better protection for the products being transported. By keeping the products elevated and away from potential hazards on the floor, such as dust, debris, or spills, the risk of product damage or contamination is reduced.

5. Increased Efficiency:

– Overhead conveyor systems can enhance production efficiency by facilitating continuous material flow and reducing manual handling. They enable automated loading and unloading of materials, leading to faster processing times and improved overall productivity.

6. Easy Maintenance:

– Overhead conveyor chains are typically designed for easy maintenance. Components such as chains, trolleys, and drives can be accessed and serviced conveniently, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

7. Customization and Integration:

– Overhead conveyor chains can be tailored to meet specific application requirements, including load capacity, speed, and control systems. They can also be integrated with other automated systems, such as robotic workstations or sorting mechanisms, to further optimize the material handling process.

Overall, using an overhead conveyor chain system provides efficient material handling, maximizes space utilization, enhances safety, and improves productivity in industrial environments.


What are the safety measures for working with heavy-duty conveyor chains?

Working with heavy-duty conveyor chains requires strict adherence to safety measures to protect the workers and maintain a safe working environment. Here are some important safety measures to consider:

1. Proper Training: All personnel involved in working with conveyor chains should receive comprehensive training on the safe operation and maintenance of the equipment. This includes understanding the potential hazards, safety procedures, and proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

2. Equipment Inspection: Regular inspection of the conveyor chain and associated components is crucial to identify any signs of wear, damage, or malfunction. This includes checking for loose fasteners, worn sprockets, misalignment, and any other potential hazards. Any issues should be addressed promptly to prevent accidents.

3. Lockout/Tagout: Before performing any maintenance or repair tasks on the conveyor chain, proper lockout/tagout procedures must be followed. This ensures that the equipment is de-energized and isolated from any power source to prevent accidental startup or movement.

4. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Workers should wear appropriate PPE, including safety glasses, gloves, steel-toed boots, and hearing protection. The specific PPE requirements may vary depending on the nature of the work and the potential hazards involved.

5. Safe Work Practices: Workers should follow safe work practices, such as avoiding loose clothing or jewelry that can get caught in the chain, keeping hands and clothing clear of moving parts, and using proper lifting techniques when handling heavy loads.

6. Emergency Stop Systems: Conveyor systems should be equipped with emergency stop buttons or pull cords that allow workers to quickly stop the chain in case of an emergency or hazardous situation.

7. Regular Maintenance: Scheduled maintenance and lubrication of the conveyor chain should be performed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This helps to ensure optimal performance and minimize the risk of unexpected failures.

8. Clear Warning Signs and Labels: Proper signage, warning labels, and safety instructions should be clearly displayed near the conveyor chain system to remind workers of potential hazards and safe operating procedures.

9. Regular Safety Training and Communication: Ongoing safety training and communication among the workforce are vital to reinforce safe practices and raise awareness of any changes or updates to safety protocols.

By implementing these safety measures and fostering a safety-conscious culture, the risks associated with working with heavy-duty conveyor chains can be minimized, ensuring the well-being of the workers and the efficient operation of the equipment.


How do you properly tension a conveyor chain?

Properly tensioning a conveyor chain is crucial for its smooth operation and to prevent issues like chain slipping or excessive wear. Here are the steps to properly tension a conveyor chain:

  1. Identify the Tensioning Points: Determine the locations where the conveyor chain can be tensioned. These are typically at the ends of the chain or at specific tensioning devices.
  2. Loosen the Tensioning Devices: If there are tensioning devices in place, such as adjustable bolts or tensioning screws, loosen them to allow for adjustment.
  3. Apply Tension: Apply tension to the conveyor chain by either manually pulling the chain or using a tensioning tool. The amount of tension required depends on the chain type and the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  4. Check the Tension: Use a tension gauge or other suitable method to measure the tension of the conveyor chain. The tension should fall within the specified range provided by the chain manufacturer.
  5. Adjust the Tension: If the tension is too loose or too tight, make adjustments accordingly. Tighten or loosen the tensioning devices until the desired tension is achieved.
  6. Secure the Tensioning Devices: Once the proper tension is achieved, securely tighten the tensioning devices to hold the chain in place.
  7. Verify the Tension: After tensioning the chain, perform a visual inspection and run the conveyor to ensure the chain runs smoothly without excessive slack or tightness. Make any further adjustments if necessary.

It’s important to refer to the specific guidelines provided by the conveyor chain manufacturer for proper tensioning instructions, as the exact method may vary depending on the chain type and design. Regularly check the tension of the conveyor chain and make adjustments as needed to maintain optimal performance.

China Custom Industrial Agricultural Automobile Engine Motorcycle Sprocket Conveyor Driving Transmission Timing Roller Chain  China Custom Industrial Agricultural Automobile Engine Motorcycle Sprocket Conveyor Driving Transmission Timing Roller Chain
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China OEM Industrial Transmission Best Quality Advanced Treatment Craft Belt Drive Tooth Surface Hardening Sprocket with Best Sales

Item Description

Industrial Transmission Best High quality Advanced Treatment method Craft Belt Travel Tooth Surface area Hardening Sprocket

Product Description

one. Produce strictly in accordance with standard dimension
two. Substance: 1045 Steel / Alloy Steel?/?Stainless Steel 304 &?316?
three. Common: ANSI, DIN, JINS, ISO, KANA,Normal America or Customer’s Drawing
4. Pilot bore, finished bore, taper bore and particular bore.?
five. Vivid surface /?high precision /?Blacking?/Electrophoretic-Coated
6. Advanced warmth treatment and area treatment craft
7. Ideal high quality and competitive cost.?
eight. Welcome OEM / ODM?
nine. Processing Gear: Hobbing equipment, Slotting equipment, CNC lathes and other gear.
10. Sprocket Models:?Contains special sprocket according to customer’s drawings, common sprocket (American normal and metric).

Detailed Images


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Business Profile

Positive aspects and Disadvantages of Drive Chains

Drive chains are widely employed for sliding steel guides. Although solution chains are usually used, roller chains are far more successful in measurement and fat. Nevertheless, a generate chain is typically the very best option for soiled jobs. The adhering to are some of the rewards and negatives of drive chains. Understand a lot more! Adapt your motor vehicle to your certain situation with drive chains. You may be happy you did! Read through on to learn a lot more! Carry on reading through for information on distinct types of travel chains.

Inverted tooth chain

An inverted tooth camshaft drive chain has teeth on its hyperlinks and two pin rolling pivot joints that interact every single other to transmit average to large-pace rotations. This type of push chain is also acknowledged as a silent chain push, which is notably effective in lowering noise and vibration. The enamel on the back links mesh flawlessly with the teeth of the gear sprocket. The inverted tooth style also supplies clean interaction of chain back links with the teeth of the sprocket.
The design of the new product was particularly powerful in quelling sound. The “Druid” spring forks enabled the chain to adjust with minimal motion of the axle. It was launched at the 1910 Olympia demonstrate and offered much more than 500 units. The push chain was also silent, which reduced the need to have for seem insulation and attenuation elements, which in turn minimized excess weight. Consequently, it grew to become an excellent choice for wind turbines.
The major negatives of chain travel include its minimal pace and limited selection. It is expensive to manufacture and requires specific mounting. Routine maintenance is important, including lubrication and slack adjustment. Its velocity fluctuates as the chain is stretched. This causes the chain to are unsuccessful at the worst possible time. The chain generate also has problems associated with slippage. In addition, it can be inclined to abnormal dress in and tear. Fortunately, even so, there are newer kinds of push chains offered, which are more resilient and reputable.

Duplex chain

There are 3 sorts of duplex travel chains: SC, RP, and Ramsey. Every has their possess special advantages and attributes. The Rampower duplex sequence offers twice the electrical power potential of the normal SC duplex chain. They are usually employed in new purposes. SC duplex chains are the most reasonably priced and are employed in considerably less demanding applications. The SC duplex chain has a reduce energy capacity but reduce weight. There is also no ensure of functionality.

Multi-strand roller chain

The Numerous-strand roller chain for generate chain market place can be defined on the foundation of the variables that push progress in this market. The elements that hamper industry progress can be recognized in get to occur up with option bends for worthwhile options. This report aims to recognize the current state of affairs and the effect of COVID-19 on the business as a total. We will also go over the marketplace motorists and restraints. We will examine the various kinds of Numerous-strand roller chains for push chain and their market dimensions in the coming many years.
The minimal tensile toughness for a roller chain is a single sixth or 1-ninth the tensile energy of a standard generate chain. These requirements are proven to stop linkplate fatigue, which is the principal result in of untimely breakdown. A chain manufactured of this material is considered a superior selection for higher-performance applications involving a large load-bearing ability. If you’re making use of a drive chain, make certain to select a appropriate chain dependent on the kind of application. A straightforward chain with a substantial load-bearing potential is also excellent for basic applications.
Whilst it is true that a high-pressure, high-pace generate requires a increased electrical power rating than a minimal-pace chain, roller chains are mainly utilized in lower to mid-velocity purposes. They are similar to bicycle chains but may have a grasp url. In bikes, chains are heavier and could call for a chain resource to remove. These chains are typically changed with toothed belts or a mixture of each.

Flat top chain

The flat best generate chain is a flexible conveyor belt that conveys medium and huge workpiece pallets. Its arcing capacity tends to make it suited for steady travel mixtures involving curve arcs. The flat best chain is also obtainable with PA wear pads on the workpiece pallets. The flat top chain’s metal and plastic glide profiles let area hundreds of up to 1.5 kg/cm. High definition profiles are appropriate with the flat top chain.
The steel flat leading chain is obtainable in several sorts: 815, 820, and 881 series. These are heat-treated to have substantial power and exceptional dress in resistance. They can also be used with numerous sprockets, like 820 sprockets. The substantial-quality steel chain can be utilized with a lot of industrial applications. Even so, if you are hunting for a tough chain for your industrial application, iwis hardened stainless metal flat leading chains are an exceptional decision.
TSplus flat top travel chain delivers the most flexibility of any conveying media. The generate models can be linked end-to-conclude to kind extended conveyor traces. Side-flexing flat top chains are accessible to develop serpentine, in-line, and carousel conveyors. Push units are available in standard and hefty-responsibility models. They are functional enough to manage a range of container sizes. If you need a much more sophisticated conveyor method, you can pick a heavy-duty generate chain.
Rexnord flat leading chains come in two fundamental variations: MatTop chain and TableTop chain. The TableTop chain is molded in normal widths ranging from 3.twenty five inches to 12 inches. These are delivered in ten-foot sections, but you can also find 20-foot-vast mattop chains. You can even customize your MatTop chain to meet up with your precise wants. They are excellent for a variety of conveying programs, from common conveying to clean down programs.

Conveyor chain

Drive chains for conveyors arrive in a selection of types. These chains can have different degrees of pitch. Pitch is governed by wheel tooth toughness, the general chain rigidity, and the sort of drive motor. A standard highest pitch is identified by the width of the link plates and the angle among the mounting angles. You can increase the pitch of your chain by strengthening the bushes among the hyperlink plates. Make sure that the hole in between the wheel enamel and the bushes is approximately 1-fourth inch.
Pitch and pressure of the chain are important considerations when picking a chain. The minimum pitch is decided by the thickness of the tooth on the wheel and the greatest pitch is established by the rigidity of the link plates. Nevertheless, this greatest pitch might be exceeded with bushes between the website link plates or clearance with the wheel teeth. A excellent quality chain will have bearing surfaces lubricated to avert extreme use and rust. Medium-viscosity mineral oil is ideal for regular operating circumstances. SAE 20W-fifty is a great decision for this software. Self-lubricating chains are available from several chain manufacturers.
The chain is normally lubricated by dripping oil between the links. This sort of lubrication needs standard inspection of the conveyor chain. The volume of oil ought to be adequate to stop reddish brown discoloration on the chain joints. A lubricating oil ought to be used on a day-to-day foundation, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. In purchase to ensure a for a longer time daily life for your drive chain, make positive that you lubricate it on a normal basis.

China OEM Industrial Transmission Best Quality Advanced Treatment Craft Belt Drive Tooth Surface Hardening Sprocket     with Best Sales